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Finanční skupina SPGroup a.s.

The financial group SPG falls within the most important financial groups in the Czech Republic. The initial strategy covering all the financial services from banking, insurance, pension funds, investment funds and subsidiaries in all the industries has been gradually reduced so that now, the activities are concentrated in specific financial services, industrial branches and real estate – both developments and real estate agents.

The assets under control of SPG financial group amount to 5 bn. CZK.

Among the industrial assets, the most important is the printing and packaging company Obchodní tiskárny, a.s. This company participates strongly on the markets for labels, flexible packages and forms. An important part of its production is exported to the neighbouring countries and Russian Federation. The Balkan Peninsula market and Ukraine are new promising business territories.

Real estate activity in the field of flats and family houses is covered by the company AAABYTY.CZ akciová společnost. Industrial real estate is served by the company AAAINDUSTRY.CZ akciová společnost. A new standalone company is established for each development project. Among the development projects, Aquapark in Čestlice is the most important one.

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